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The Nova Actors project was born from the long experience of Noemí, its founder, in the representation of actors. She needed a new corporate image and a website that was also a working tool.


To design a logo in line with the brand values of Nova Actors, a website that would reinforce its corporate identity and branding, and that would also facilitate the relationship with the directors, actors and the agency itself.


After several meetings with the managers of Nova Actors, we clearly defined the values, goals and target audience. We then began by designing a logo and a website, coherent with everything we had agreed on. In the process of designing the website, we introduced all the actors’ profiles in an attractive and understandable way.


An attractive logo, different, versatile and in line with everything Nova Actors stands for.

A website that is easy to use and understand, responsive and well positioned. It allows you to reach more people and invites you to connect with Nova Actors.


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