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With more than 15 years of experience in our sector, KACTUS has helped and trained many companies and entrepreneurs throughout the growth and restructuring process. 


We help entrepreneurs to start their business from scratch, accompanying them from the brand creation phase through to the growth phases.

We advise companies and help them to relaunch their project based on defined objectives, in a realistic and transparent manner.


Furthermore, we offer mentoring, and business coaching services characterised by constant monitoring, accompaniment and a personalised and close relationship.


 If you want to know where your company stands or need training to turn your ideas into reality, what are you waiting for?


The moment is now !
We help you get there.

- Entrepreneurial training.
- Business coaching.
- Strategic consultation.

- Marketing Audit.
- Marketing Plan.
- Sales Strategy.
- Selling Formation.

- Sales Management.
- Internal Communications.
- Skills Studies.


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