Design and

relaunch your brand



We start your project by planting the seed that will make your company successful.

At KACTUS, we know from experience the power of a brand when it comes to boosting a project, which is why we devote so much effort to building and projecting it in the most effective way.

In brand building processes, we assess the best name and image options for a business to make an impact on its customers and generate sales. In the case of rebranding, we analyse the weaknesses and strengths of the corporate identity and propose the appropriate improvements that will help it to transmit the most appropriate message to its target audience.

As branding specialists, we make your brand an unforgettable experience so that you are always remembered.

- Brand Values.
- Target Definition.

- Naming.
- Design of the Logotype.
- Brand image creation.

- Company Manual.
- Rebranding.


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