Lights, cameras,




If a picture is worth a thousand words, a professional video is worth a thousand pictures.


We create audiovisual experiences to promote your company, products or to transmit your values.


At KACTUS, we have our own recording studio, and we also travel to help you with your new productions.


We help you through the whole process, from the ground up. We listen to your needs and the objective of your message. We brainstorm and launch a storyboard for you to visualise the final result.


Our team also have the official AESA drone professional radio operator qualification, which is required for CTR operations.

- Advertisement.
- Corporate Video.
- Marketing Video.
- Social Media.
- Artistic Portfolio.

- Video Clip.
- Events.
- Fashion Videos.

- Aero Video.
- Timelapse 4K.
- Outside.
- Real State.
- Architecture.


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