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Adver tising

Today, advertising is an essential tool to promote your brand, your products or your services with an effective way.


Reaching and convincing consumers is not always easy. Kactus can help you design the most effective advertising campaigns possible.


We provide you with the most up-to-date options to get your message out to the world. We also manage your appearance in the main digital media: HOLA!, VOGUE, SPORT, elEconomista, FOTOCASA, MARCA, WALLAPOP, FORBES, MTV…


Also, we can help you with your offline strategy, managing your appearances in shopping centres, airports and other high impact physical spaces. Likewise, we take care of your appearances on radio, television and social media.


You want an advertising campaign on Google or Facebook? Write to us, we know how to help you.

- Media Campaign.
- Online Advertising.
- Outside Advertising.

- Small and Large Formats.
- Shopping Center.
- Radio.

- Billboards and Marquees.
- Airports and means of Transports.


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