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Since the beginning of the project, KEYA has defined the objectives based on the improvement of its digital infrastructure communication and visibility.


KACTUS’s response to our customers has been to expand its communication radius in the German market.

Improve the speed and usability of the current website, and above all position the brand in search engines in the top positions.


To reach the German market, we have developed the new website in German.  We have improved the current website, and we have done a detailed SEO work for the national market.

At the same time, we manage communication on social networks, where we increase their visibility and provide information about their new products and services.

We have designed the new catalogues in different languages and printed them in premium quality.



A greater reach and dissemination of the brand. Opening of new, more international markets.

An increase in organic traffic for the different KEYA websites.

Up-to-date communication channels and engagement generation with the social media audience.


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