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Sportive football union of Jábac and Terrassa.

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Unió Deportiva FB Jabac, is a mythical football club in Terrassa, which was born in 2006 from the union of other clubs. Since then, it has the highest categories of grassroots football.


By uniting values such as effort, teamwork and sharing hometown, we wanted to establish synergies between us. Our objective was to establish a long-term sponsorship relationship with different actions. 

And, of course, design an efficient website for the club.


To ensure that the club had a digital presence. We designed a website, with a detailed SEO positioning work and indexed in Google.

We have also reached concrete agreements to establish a two-way strategic relationship.


A responsive website, well positioned in Google, easy to use and understand. 

At KACTUS, we are also sponsors of several teams, including the women’s team We have participated in several matches, and we have a visual presence in the different fields that the club has in the city.

Web Design

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